Zwift connecting two of three sensors

Hi all having issues with Zwift for two days now it’s not connecting all three sensors on my wahoo kikr core it registers the wahoo kikr and resistance but won’t connect to the cadence. I have gone into wahoo checked firmware is updated (it is) what is also frustrating is in the wahoo app all of the sensor functions work
Well I’m using an Apple TV. It seems to be a zwift firmware issue but I don’t know how to create a log for them to fix it. Please help

There have been a few reports like this that were resolved by reinstalling Zwift

Hi Paul did what you suggested at first I had the same issue however I unlinked the resistance connection and kept the power source then connected cadence and resistance which seems to work. It’s still not how it used to function though as there’s no automatic pairing it has to be done manually. Heres hoping zwift resolves this asap luckily I can always go to wahoo to workout, however really enjoy the training functions on Zwift
Thanks for your advice I appreciate it

:slight_smile: Karin

Lately, I cannot get my bike trainer to completely pair. Never had issues until just recently. My power meter pairs but not the cadence. I can get it to pair on my laptop and phone but not on my apple tv (use 50" tv)