Polar Sensors Problem


I have

1-) polar v800 with polar H7 heart rate sensor

2-) polar speed sensor

3-) polar cadence sensor.

Zwift bluetooth on my iphone and on my macbook pro (mac OS Yosemite) dont see any of my sensors. My v800 watch pair all my sensors perfectly from bluetooth. But Zwift doesnt see any of them.

Where can be the problem? What can i do about this?

Thank you.


Bluetooth can only connect to one device at a time as per the Bluetooth standard. If your sensors are connected to the v800 then it cannot also connect to Zwift through your phone. 

I am also on the v800, but using dual Bluetooth and Ant+ sensors. Ant+ for Zwift and Bluetooth for the watch. Using that for the Powertap P1 pedals and same for HR. 

Thank you for answer but i know bluetooth can not pair with 2nd at the same time. So i deleted pair with my v800 and tried with zwift but sadly nothing. Zwift doesnt see my all three sensors.

may i ask you which sensors are you using? Which mark is capable at the same time with v800 and also with zwift?

thank you.

Another V800 / Zwift user here.

I use a Wahoo TickrX for my HRM (simultaneous ANT+ to Zwift and Bluetooth to my V800) and a Wahoo Blue SC speed and cadence sensor on the bike (again, simultaneous ANT+ to Zwift and Bluetooth to the V800).

The ANT+ dongle I use on the PC is a Suunto Movestick Mini.

Works perfectly. Hope that helps.

Normally I would use my H7 sensor but for Zwift I use the Mio Link wrist based HR sensor that I anyway had at home and that also transmits both Ant and Bluetooth.

Since I bought my Powertap P1 pedals, Power and Cadence come from those. Speed sensor in that case not needed.

By the way, love the P1 pedals, so easy to move between bikes and normally stick them on my wife’s indoor trainer at home which is much more quiet than any turbo trainer. it also works perfectly with the v800.

I bought the Tacx USB ANT+ Antenna T2028 which is an ANT+ antenna with an extension cord allowing it to get quite close to the computer.


I am using Zwift with my Wahoo Kickr.  It connects to both the Kickr and Watt Meter, however Zwift will not recognize my Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor.  Is there an incompatibility issue with Zwift or is it something else.

BTW, the sensor works fine with it’s own app on my smartphone.

Hi all,

My gear that I’m using

* H7 sensor
* Bluetooth cad 
* Bluetooth Spd
* Macbook Pro 2011
* iPhone 6

Had first problem getting it work. Couldni’t find anything on the Macbbok or find the cad & spd sensors in the mobile. The H7 sensor conneted like a charm to the phone. 

Then I closed the connection to the H7 sensor, started the Zwift app on the iPhone and after a minute or so it turned up on the game(on the macbook).
Didn’t have to buy anything extra. Just make sure that your phone and computer are on the subnet/network and it will work.
And don’t start the session on the POLAR device. Downside is that you’ll not get it in to Polar Flow. Hae read about a app called “Rungap” that can export and import to Flow. Havent tried it yet.

Will my Polar Wearlink HR strap work with ZWIFT?  Its a Nike+ compatable chest strap with a new CR2025  battery in it


If you either run the ZML(Zwift Mobile ink) or Zwift on a device that has BT on it it is not a problem at all. Downside there will be that you will not be able to link your HR strap to a Polar device at the same time

@Micke - so it’s my Macbook Pro BT that is to read my HR strap - not the ANT+?  I’ve replaced the battery on the strap, ensured BT was on on my Mac,  but can’t seem to get Zwift to recognize it?  Is there something I am missing?

For now, I’ve only been cycling with Zwift - I run outside all year.

Thanks for your help, 



Plus download Zwift Mobile Link to your phone and connect your HR strap to that program. Just make sure that your phone and MacBook Pro is on the same wireless network. 
When you see your HR strap you can start Zwift on your computer.



Yes, I have had the Zwift Mobile Link running on my iphone while trying to get my HR recognized.   I will try again later today or tomorrow.