Polar H7 Bluetooth HRM -can't get reading

My set up: 

Alienware Alpha, Garmin Cadence and Speed Sensors w/ Garmin Ant doggle and my Polar H7 HRM strap.Cadence and speed sensors always pair right up, but I can never get my HR data to show- won’t pair?

Thoughts?  I generally use my Ipone 6 at the bike.


thanks in advance for any guidance


Do you have a USB extension cable for the ANT+ dongle? 

Yes, I do.  10’ extension length.  ANT+ dongle i have placed on floor right under my crank.


I think the Polar HR isn’t ANT+ compatible. Polar has its own protocol, and most straps are not compatible with general ANT+, only with Polars own apps. 

Try borrow a ANT+ HR belt, and see if that works…. 

You need to enable the beta Bluetooth support to get Bluetooth devices working.

See: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/206576683-Bluetooth-LE-BLE-Support-for-HR-Monitors-Power-Meters-and-Cadence-Speed-Sensors

I have been running my Speed/Cadence in Ant+ and the same Polar H7 BT successfully.

I was given a Polar H7 as a gift and I couldn’t get Zwift to see it. I’m running Zwift on a PC, and Mobile Link on my Android device. My Android was paired to the HRM and the Polar App could see it and report my heart rate, but the Zwift Mobile Link app showed nothing.


Any ideas? Is this HRM supported in Windows/Android yet?


You need to disconnect the Polar HRM from any app/device before starting the Zwift Mobile Link, Bluetooth can only connect to one device or app at any given time.