Rampa and Polar v800

i am having trouble connecting to Rampa and Zwift

I also cant connect my polar v800 and I have a power tap too.

lastly i dont see my events or any courses on the MAC but see it on the ipad?

If you are using a PC you will need am Ant+ dongle (you mention Mac, but I thought I would mention it). Make sure your trainer is not connected to any other devices other than Zwift, i.e. your watch.

The Polar V800 watch is not a supported HRM within Zwift.

I guess more info on your setup would help us in resolving your issues.

As you are using a V800 like me you probably is using Polar’s cadence and speed meters. Easiest way then is that you download Zwift Link to you iPhone( don’t know if there is for Android) .

Make sure that your Mac and phone are on the same subnet(WiFi).

Don’t start anything on your V800, start the program on the MAC, login and after it has loaded for a while you should see the setup screen for Heartrate, Speed, trainer and so on. Start the program on your phone. Pedal one two strokes on the bike. Also have your heartrate monitor strap on you.

Then you first choose the trainer you have, then you press “Select” under the HR choose the H7(if that is the one you are using) then you go to speed and choose the one you are using. 
Then RIDE :slight_smile: Hope this helps !