struggling with connection

Hej! I’m struggling with connecting via bluetooth. I’ve previoiusly used my Elite Rampa with an ipad and bluetooth HRM belt, all worked fine. Now I want to setup on a PC, using zwift link on android and using the same trainer and HRM belt. I can connect a trainer eventually, sometimes… but not always. It doesn’t recognise the trainer in the pre set list so by choosing ‘not in list’ I can progress, but then I’ve never found the HRM belt as yet. I’ve tested that with a Garmin device and it works fine there. Anything I’m missing? 

Bluetooth can only connect to one device/app at a time so make sure the trainer and the HRM are not connected to anything else before connecting it to the ZML.

I’ll double check, I don’t think they are. Computer has only ever been connected to a bluetooth speaker previously I think. Thanks!