bought ant+ stick / Taxc motion/ wahoo blue SC but nothing works

I bought all the Items mention above as your website suggests to use Zpower but now it doesn’t seem to work. I got the exact Ant stick from your website suggestions. What is the problem?


it’s rainning and I must ride haha 


thank you!

Hi Hao,

Make sure the Wahoo Blue SC you bought is not Bluetooth only. It should have the ANT+ symbol on the device itself if it supports both.

can you send a link as in to where exactly we should buy this device? This was very misleasing because your website suggests the items to buy but it didnt specify. I am now stuck with this cadence/speed sensor.



You can always visit the links right on our main page. To the best of our knowledge, Wahoo no longer sells the Bluetooth only option as they don’t even list it on their website.

Generally, this info is only relevant to those with legacy devices. I’d make sure this is the case and read our Knowledge Base articles first beforehand.