Wahoo Kicr & BlueSC (speed sensor)

I have a Wahoo Kickr and a BlueSC (combined speed and cadence sensor). Since I have the rear wheel off of my bike the speed sensor isn’t used. Still at pairing time I can’t remove the speed sensor from the paired sensors without the cadence sensor being removed. In the end the speed is estimated (from power I assume) which is fine but it’s a little confusing to not be able to remove the speed sensor from the paired items knowing that it can’t possibly participate. ( i understand that this is probably a single ANT+ negotiation but the user experience is a little less than ideal).

If you select your Kickr under “power,” that should deactivate the “speed” field, no? It’s one or the other, I believe. Choose power or speed, but not both. Your cadence sensor should then still be able to connect from the cadence field.

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding your issue, but I believe that’s the way it should work.

Thanks @Christoper. I should have started by saying this was on the Mac. In my experience there was no way to disable the speed sensor (or i didn’t notice it). I could only forget the sensor which caused the cadence to also to be forgotten. It’s not a huge deal in that the software does still estimate speed from power but just a little confusing. Sounds like it can be disabled on PC or I just missed the configuration switches somehow on the Mac version.

my bluesc is old and has not ant+

any way to get cadence from bluetooth?

I both the ant+ adapter from Garmin and I’m getting the ant+ data from the wahoo kickr

You might be able to get it to work with a RFLKT+ by Wahoo which can bridge Bluetooth and ANT+.  I’ve not tried it so I don’t know for sure.  (The problem with this is it will cost you more for the RFLKT+ than for a new BlueSC but you would have a nifty handle-bar computer as a result)