Problems detecting speed/cadence for new KICKR

Hi guys,

I was previously using Zwift and my regular speed/cadence sensors were being detected (Bontrager Duotrap). I just got a new Wahoo KICKR (Merry Christmas) and the power sensor for the KICKR was detected no problem. However, it’s unable to detect the KICKR for speed or cadence. It only recognizes the “old” sensors for that.

I’ve tried moving the computer closer to detect the KICKR, but no luck there - and as I said, it detects it fine for the power.

Is there a way to reset recognized sensors, or any other suggestions? Dying to use my new kickr with Zwift!


are you talking about connecting the sensor before the ride on that device screen? you just need to connect the kickr and go… when you ride you will see the cadence (calculated) and speed (calc’d) as well from power.

Yes, before the ride. It doesn’t show up in list of devices for speed or cadence, just power. However, my previous speed and cadence sensors are still selected. I’m guessing these need to be the kickr speed and cadence sensors for correct usage.

it won’t… because they are speed is calculated from power… it’s slightly hokey since everyone is at 75kg right now for the beta… I just connect my Kickr and HRM at that screen and I get cadence and speed during a zwift ride no problem. Kickr does not output cadence… so it’s calculated. I’ve been on the kickr with both a pedal and crank arm based power systems that get me cadence via gyro sensors and it’s pretty close… for both cadence and power…

long story short… just connect the kickr and you are set to go.

In Zwift, select the Kickr for power and the Bontrager for both speed and cadence. Zwift will calculate your speed based on power so you don’t technically need a speed sensor detected but it will use the cadence from the Bontrager.

Thank you both, Johnny and Walter. I’ll use it that way first thing tomorrow! :wink:

No wait, that’s not right for speed. Because the KICKR is a direct drive (no rear wheel) you can’t use a conventional speed sensor.

I am nearly positive the KICKR provides speed. The estimation being done with it now is not very accurate and really affects the play (makes it hard to draft for example)

Hmmph, I will try this too. I have the same issue. I get power from kickr but no cadence or speed. My setup is a bit different though. I have a garmin HR via ANT+, A Quarq Power meter (only using it for cadence) and the kickr. Glad I saw this posting as I thought my kickr was not working! I also got mine for xmas! My old HTPC that I tried to repurpose was not cutting it, so I am bootcamping a mac mini with windows 8.1 to give that a go. I can’t wait for the REAL mac version though!

Yea you can use a cadence sensor. Otherwise, wifi does a reasonable job of estimating it. What they call virtual cadence.

My big problem is that they are calculating speed rather than measuring it from the unit. It sort of feels like riding with an automatic transmission.