Pairing and no signal

Why am I having such a difficult time pairing and not getting a signal. I’m using cycplus ANT+ and wahoo sensors - speed & cadence. Can anyone help me connect better?

Doesn’t help sorry, but for info my cycplus s2 sensors have stopped accurately reporting speed since around the 24th. Been fine prior

Replying to my own post!
I sent my CYCPLUS ANT+ back to Amazon, and bought the Garmin ANT/Bluetooth stick. First day noting worked correctly, or shall I say at all. Finally I thought, why not change the battery in the Wahoo speed sensor. I left it at that, called it a day and went to bed. In the morning, got up, and attached sensor to bike. Everything sync’d and paired up immediately and I was now in peddling condition. My sensors are 2 metres from the ANT+ (I measured) and am using a windows 10 pc. So, after many trials and tribulations, all is now working. On a slightly different note, I would like the screen writers to have an arrow beside one’s icon pointing the direction of climb, whether it be up or down or flat. My screen is a little over 2 metres from where my bike is, and I cannot read the fine font that is used. Furthermore, I cannot accurately operate my computer from that distance as the mouse doesn’t get his signal. However, all is good!

The bad “new” battery has plagued many a Zwifter.
I used to buy strips of 10 or so on Amazon until I got a batch where 2 or 3 batteries in a row were just as dead as the old one.
Now I just pay more for the ones at Wal-mart but they never seem to be dead out of the package.

If you are struggling to read the screen I’d move it closer than 2 metres away.

Likewise with your pointing device.

I bought a package of Duracell batteries, 5 I think, and I thought that was plenty of batteries. Now I am thinking I better get some more as I have 3 bike computers, pluse their sensors and now Wahoo sensors to boot! How long to batteries last on the Wahoo sensors? Are they power hungry sensors?


The screen can only be moved about 30 cm closer to me! It would help I suppose, if I had a higher definition screen. I am using an “old” television converted over to computer monitor and it works quite well for most of my work. A few times I wish it were better, but beggars cannot be choosers! It didn’t cost me anything!

As far as the mouse goes, I can’t move it any closer yet, because I don’t know how to do it “safely” without things falling over on me. I will have to do some experimenting. I do have a music stand I can place beside the front wheel of my bike, but like all music stands, they are not particularly sturdy, and tip over easily. I shall give it a try. Also, I am experimenting with “mouse pads”. I used a red file folder, then found out that mice don’t like red. Yellow works better. All this “new” technology! Piecing newer techie stuff with older techie stuff requires talent!

Thanks for your suggestions.

There are many options depending on your set up and budget.

I remember years ago telling my wife I would start riding a bike to save money!

I ride my bike outside so I don’t have to pay the oil pirates any more than I have to! For the most part it does work, and I feel good after a good ride!