Cadence incorrect in lowest gear only

I recently increased the trainer difficulty during a ride(i’m on a Kickr V5) which oddly resulted in low cadence readings in the largest sproket (34T in my case) For example the rpm reads 50 as opposed to the 85-100 that I’m doing. Upshifting just one sproket (or any other gear combination) fixes it immediately and reads normally so I’m wondering how to best correct/troubleshoot. The cadence also reads correctly on my wahoo iPhone app and element roam so I’m thinking this is related to me changing trainer difficulty?

As per previous support help I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling Zwift from my Macbook. I’ve toggled a number of trainer difficulty settings. Downgraded the kickr firmware and also unpaired/repaired the kickr. re-calibrated, etc but nothing seems to work!

Kickr v5’s use power curve (an algorithm) to determine cadence so easy gear/smooth peddling could be the problem. But since you say Wahoo app is ok, I would dual record (use head unit or something else that could produce a fit file) and then compare fit files with a fit file viewer (available online).

Not sure how useful all that would be but I’d be doing it just to see if one or the other file provides any clues.

Also, I’ve seen a coupe of posts on similar thing with the V5’s so maybe doing a good search in these forums and google may help.

The plot thickens (or thins) as I’ve now reproduced the incorrect RPM on my element as well! (I’d had it incorrectly reading cadence from my quarq) . So the good news/bad news is that it’s definitely a kickr issue over a zwift issue. Only thing is that it was fine until I toggled the trainer difficulty . I dual recorded a short ride today to send to wahoo to see if they can figure it out.

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Lowering trainer difficulty will have the effect of smoothening the power curve depending how you use it. But will be interesting to see if Wahoo have anything to say.

Where are you setting Trainer Difficulty?

spoke with Wahoo finally today who sadly said this is a known issue with 1:1 gearing ! :pray: so glad I’m not crazy! supposedly also effects heavy loads on downhills too

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deleted ! :pray:

Yup, smooth is not good. Good to get an answer, even though its not the right one for you! Thx for the update.