Cadence problems with Kickr 5 / iPad / Zwift

Hi all,
I’ve noticed some kind of a problem with the cadence. Normally my cadence is between 80-90. The last few rides it was lower and some how “connected” to the speed.
As you can see in the picture, I was doing a workout with my normal cadence but it showed a cadence around 60, during the slow climb it dropped even to low 30 and came up to 70, 75 during the fast decent.
Any thoughts or advices?
Kickr 5, newest firmware 4.2.5
iPad iOS 15.1
Zwift 1.18.1

Cheers Jan

I’m having a similar issue with my Kickr V.5. My cadence on steep climbs drops to around 30 rmp. I counted it manually, and it’s at least twice that. When things level out, it seems accurate again. Have you had any luck finding a solution?

I too have recently been having cadence issues with my Kickr 2018. I am riding at a steady cadence then it spikes up to over 120 but my actual cadence has not changed. If I apply more power the cadence seems to drop down to an expected level. Then it spikes up again when I hold a steady power.

Using Apple TV HD, latest software, all connections in Bluetooth.

I have been having cadence drop outs (disconnects) after 1h30m into rides. I get 2 or 3 dropouts then it comes back without further problems for the remainder of the ride. This has happened for each of my rides in the past several days. I can see the drop outs in the fit file which would suggest my KICKR BIKE is possibly at fault and losing connection for cadence only.

The cadence, when connected, appears accurate though. I should point out that the cadence drops can be seen in-game on the app on my big screen and on my iPad (ZCA) simultaneously. I’m running zwift on PC (win 11) with all s/w up to date.

I rode 2h30m this morning and didn’t have the problem. So I’m confused. In years of riding on zwift I have never seen this before.