cadence problem with workouts

Hi there,

I’m using Zwift for four weeks now with the Kickr 2016. When doing workouts cadence isn’t displayed properly.  When going uphill, on screen cadence drops to 50-60 rpm, when going downhill it will rise to 100-110 rpm while I am pedalling at 90.  When the program orders me to increase or decrease cadence I’ll have to count my pedal strokes in order to keep up. During free riding it seems to be just fine.  This only occurs when doing a workout.  What am I doing wrong ?  I use an Ant+ stick and the sensor is positioned under the bike in between the pedals and the Kickr.  I’ve allready switched ERG mode off and back on but the issue stays. Help me out please.  Thanks in advance.

I’m turning this into an email ticket so we can get your logs and investigate further. Keep an eye on your inbox for details!