Cadence Inacurracy Issues with Kickr V.5/Kickr Climb Combo

Hi Folks.

Here’s what’s happening. The cadence data on my Kickr V.5/Kickr Climb combo seems pretty accurate until I get to steep climbs. I generally pedal at 60-70 rpms on these climbs, yet Zwift is telling me that I’m only pedaling at 30-35 rpms. When the climb levels out or I go downhill, the cadence seems accurate again. What do you all think? Any tips for a solution?


Cadence on most trainers is calculated from the variations in torque as opposed to being actually measured. At low cadences this becomes harder to calculate and it also depends on the smoothness of your pedal stroke.

So what you describe isn’t unusual, I’m afraid. For the most accurate cadence recording, if you actually need that, you will have to use a cadence sensor.


Thanks @Steve_Hammatt! That corroborates what I’ve been reading elsewhere. Cadence is an important metric for me on big climbs, so I think I’ll buy a Wahoo sensor for more accuracy. Working on a smoother pedal stroke is always a plus too. Thanks again, and Happy New Year!

Dave F.