Unusually high downhill cadence!

I’m not sure if this is a Wahoo or Zwift bug.
For a week or two now (since 1.42), whenever I’m going down a gradient of about -5% or more, and just lightly pedaling, my trainer reports that I’m doing 100-130 cadence (which I never do, ever). But if I increase my effort to a higher torque, it goes back to normal. I first noticed this descending the Epic KOM, where you have steep DH most of the time but interspersed with short climbing ramps. But this also happens anytime the gradient goes down and I don’t push very hard (like <120, sometimes even higher, watts).
Does anyone have any thoughts on this? My readings were accurate in this scenario before.
Zwift versions 1.42 and 1.43
Kickr V6 over WiFi, race mode on, cadence sensor built in to trainer
Windows 11 on laptop

Sounds like a Wahoo issue to me. Most direct drive trainers estimate cadence and do not measure cadence with a sensor that registers crank arm revolutions. It usually works pretty well but the scenario you describe doesn’t come as a complete shock. A real cadence sensor would certainly be more accurate.

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I’m not surprised either. Thanks for the video; that made sense. Perhaps time to find a crank sensor. It’s just strange that I never really had this happen until recently.