Cadence is dropping when I go up a hill

Everything was fine until Tuesday night’s ride (last time I rode was Thursday). When I started up a hill last night, the reported cadence would drop, all the way down to 20-30rpm but my actual cadence stayed the same speed. Once I’d crest the hill, it would climb back to 85-90 (which is what I’d maintained the whole time). Then, on a down hill, it would get up to 110+. 

Note, this whole time my actual cadence was between 85-95ish. Certainly not 30 and certainly not 110.

Anyone else having this issue?

I’m using the Wahoo Blue SC speed and cadence sensors and a kinetic rock and roll 2.0. 

I have the same problem, its very frustrating when you know your cadence is high but its showing a low cadence on inclines especially when someone speeds past you and you cant do anything about it… Im using the Wahoo Blue SC speed and cadence sensor and a Tacx Blue motion trainer. Im guessing your trainer isnt a smart trainer, neither is mine. So I think the problem lies here. You probably need some sort of Power Meter either as in a smart trainer or the very expensive ones that are built into your pedal cranks.

I have a smart trainer Kickr and it is happening to me as well

I have the same issue. Never had it before.

Using Tacx Vortex. Cadence reading gow down significantly going uphills. As soon as I reach the top, cadence goes back to normal. What should I do?

I’m using the Tacx Vortex and I have the same issue