Cadence keep changing at very low speed

Hi all,

I’m using a crappy mountain bike to ride in Zwift.
I’ve noticed that when I’m at very low speed (like in uphill) and spinning like crazy, cadence is not detected. For exemple it will go from 55 to 32 in like 1s then go back to 45, then 28, etc…it keeps changing even if I’m keeping the same cadence.

It seems to disappear as soon as I reach 55-60 rpm.

Not a big deal but I’m wondering why. Any idea?

What is your setup?


A MTB on a Tax Flow Smart. Connexion to a Dell XPS over bluetooth (works very well).

DC Rainmaker’s origjnal review of the Tacx Flow Smart called its cadence data “a dumpster fire”. I don’t know if it’s improved since his review, but it’s quite possible it’s just how it is. Some smart trainers, especially less expensive ones, just estimate cadence rather than actually measure it.

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Yeah, that’s what I thought. Like I said it’s no big deal to me considering that at normal / average cadence it works very well but I was wondering.