i did a workout tonight ( the wringer) and everytime i did a sprint the cadence dropped out to zero , it was fine until i started to sprint and build up rpm’s , anyone experiencing the same problem , any ideas what could be causing this , i have a kickr snap 

Hi John,

If you are using the cadence from the Kickr - it won’t be accurate. It is an estimated cadence and has generally caused weird readings/issues. If you want an accurate reading, we would suggest using a separate cadence sensor.


Hi Josie , I have a Garmin cadence and speed sensor which I use on my bike

Thanks for that information - You might be running into some interference issues. You can read through our KB article here, and see if you can eliminate any factors there.

josie , i have sorted it , i un-paired the kickr and re-paired using FE-C instead of ANT+ , no dropout from either cadence or power now , although watts still tend to fluctuate up and down by about 30-40 watts