Issues Observed on KICKR SNAP on Zwift

Hi all,

I just got my Snap yesterday. Here are few experiences I’ve gone through since yesterday:

  1. My wheel is 700x23, pumped to 110psi, turned knob 360deg twice, warmed up for about 10mins then did a spindown.
    1st spindown: 19s…did a quarter turn on the knob to tighten
    2nd spindown: 18s…did another quarter turn
    3rd spindown: 16s…did another half turn
    4th spindown: 12.6s
    That means I did 3 turns of 360deg on the knob to get to the mid range of 10-15sec spindown time.

  2. I enrolled in the FTP build up workout, target watts was 103watt but somehow no matter how hard i pushed it plateaued at 100watt. I stopped. Switched everything off and went to bed.

  3. I rode Watopia Tick Tock just now, suddenly my Garmin cadence sensor 2 signal was lost and not only that, the sensor was not detected at all. It was fine yesterday and at the start of the ride just now and the lost happened mid ride. I switched off bluetooth on my iphone and ipad, only had the laptop on. Garmin Edge 520 head unit was also off.

  4. After I lost cadence, there was also a power drop on the reading momentarily.

Outside of Zwift, on the Wahoo app:
Earlier while warming up, the app didn’t read any speed reading. What I did:

  1. I switched off the Snap and turn it back on again. Didn’t work.
  2. I switched off bluetooth and back on again on my iphone X. Didn’t work.
  3. I closed the Wahoo app and brought it up again. I got speed reading. Performed spindown, reached 36km/h but…”Waiting to reach target speed”…I pushed to 40+ km/h…nothing, spindown not performed.
  4. I closed the app and brought it up again. I started a Kickr workout. I got speed reading. I did the spindown. Worked normally like nothing had happened. Got 13s.

Sorry for being lengthy. Thought I‘d share this and maybe anyone had experienced some of the things I wrote above can share their experiences.