Zwift cadence issue -- drops to 1 then can't go to 80+ RPM

Continuous Zwift issues especially in a free ride. Cadence won’t go to 80+ no matter if I shift to an easier gear or not. I recorded a video of the ride, and 4 seconds into pedaling the cadence drops to 1 then my watts spike to compensate. The initial 3 seconds in my RPM goes up as it should normally. As I’m starting it goes to 51 RPM 71 W to 1 RPM and 195W. Once it drops to the 1 RPM the cadence struggles making the ride extremely hard as I can’t get my cadence back up.

Has anyone had this occur before? If so, is there a workaround?

Trainer: Wahoo Kickr Core (Latest firmware + spindown performed recently)
Computer: MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020) Latest OS

I’m slightly confused by your issue. The cadence wouldn’t affect the power. The trainer reports both so if the cadence dropped out it would still report the power your were doing.

Do you have any other sensors connected (heart rate or seperate cadence sensor). The only time i have had something similar is when i use the tickr as a heart rate monitor and it also tries to pair as a cadence sensor.