Cadence Issue on Mac

(Michael Prucka) #1

Hi  - I am using a 2015 15" MacBook Pro and have seen a pretty regular issue with cadence dropping out on the computer but NOT on the Mobile Link app on my iPhone.  I haven’t been able to diagnose when/why it stops displaying (goes grey as if it doesn’t see the sensor), but it seems to happen at some point on most rides.  It continues to function normally at all times on Mobile Link even when it is dropped on the Mac.

This has been happening before and after the recent software update.



(Dave Bruski) #2

@Michael,  did you find a resolution for this?  I experience similar symptoms.  I also have a strange inconsistency with cadence values during a ride.  Cadence value is erratic and does not reflect actual cadence and in some cases is seems as if it is inversely related to my actual cadence.  In one case I kept my cadence constant during a 20 minute session at a fixed power setting.  Cadence went from 115 - 35.  I can’t reproduce using the Wahoo App or Bike computer.  I am using 2013 15" MBP with Wahoo RPM,Kickr,Tickr over BT.  

(Michael Prucka) #3

@David - nope, still seeing the issue fairly regularly (maybe 1 out of 3 rides).  There has been a few updates to both the MacOS Zwift and iOS Mobile Link apps since I first wrote this but no resolution yet.  I have also learned that something somewhere is getting very confused when this happens because the gear I need to maintain a given speed gets very wrong.

I think I have figured out how to get out of it when it happens though, but it requires a downhill.  If I just coast for a while such that power goes to 0 it will usually come back once I start pedaling again.  The confusion problem I mentioned above also goes away.  I have not tried coming to a stop, but maybe I will try that the next time it happens.

The confusing part is that the Mobile Link app shows the cadence fine when this is happening, but the Zwift app on the MBP doesn’t.

 FWIW, I have never seen this twice in a given ride.

Please update if you learn anything new.  Thanks.