Zwift Hub One stopped detecting cadence

Been using my Zwift Hub One since December with no issues, probably close to 3,000 miles on it.

I use Zwift via Iphone only and cast to a TV.

Today I started a group ride, everything was connected as normal. When I started pedaling my cadence never changed from 0. My rider quickly came to a complete stop and I was basically done.

I did a lot of trial and error stuff, restarted Zwift multiple times, unplugged from wall multiple times, deleted app and companion app and reinstalled, turned iphone off and on, and verified firmware was up to date on Zwift Click (shifter), and the hub itself.

I use nothing but the Hub for Cadence, have screen shots of everything being connected when I start the App on my phone. Screen shots of the Zwift Click and Zwift hub connected via blue tooth in my Apple Settings.

Started a chat with Zwift, eventually I was told my issue would be forwarded to tech support and currently waiting for a response/instructions.

Any tips or other information I need to acquire that will help them out? I used it yesterday with no problems, I have ridden 2 hours on it almost every day since December 1st.

Very frustrating. My guess is the cadence sensor in the hub is “fried” or “glitchy” or something.

Cadence is completely optional in Zwift. If your rider stops that is unrelated to cadence, so there is something else going on. Are you seeing any Watts on the screen when you try to ride, or on the pairing screen?

I was pedaling but my cadence was zero, don’t recall what the watts said.

I guess I could try riding again and jump back to the pairing screen after I start my ride and see what things say but I am not currently home.

If you ground to a halt but were still pedalling it suggests that you lost cadence and power. Suggests it’s more likely a Bluetooth dropout issue.

Hi @Kevin_Barkema_Iowa. Thank you for reaching out on our forum.

Paul and David gave some good info. It’s possible there is some signal interference happening. We have some additional steps you can take in our BLE and ANT+ Interference Troubleshooting Tips guide.

After a few emails with tech support I sent a 3 minute video showing from the time I plugged trainer into wall to connecting to starting my ride.

They are sending replacement hub.

No cadence detected and no watts. It pedaled hard I was doing maybe 200 watts and nothing detected.

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