Zwift Not Working for 2 Weeks - Lost Power but Devices Paired Correctly

Halfway through a ride on Feb 29th I lost all power. I have not been able to get my avatar to move since then. Zwift pairs to my devices (Kickr snap and cadence sensor) straight away. Zwift is recording my cadence but there’s 0W/no avatar movement.

Here’s what I’ve done

  • updated Kickr snap firmware
  • checked MacBook air iOS updates - fully updated
  • checked Zwift updates- fully updated
  • unpaired and re-paired all devices
  • there are never any other electronic devices in the room except my iphone. I’ve tried with the iphone wifi switched off and the phone in another room. No success.

I have sent logs to Zwift support. They are looking at them but it’s been over a week with no meaningful response.

BLE interference is obviously the top candidate but I’ve had zero issues before. It seems like the January software update has had an impact on me and many others (see many other similar threads in the forum).

I don’t know what else I can do from here. Does anyone have any ideas?


Try your trainer with the Wahoo app. It sounds like perhaps the trainer has failed and isn’t transmitting power any more (though cadence is ok). If it doesn’t work in the Wahoo app either (e.g. calibration) then it’s time to contact Wahoo.


Until Zwift acknowledges they f…ed up something in their BT code/routines I think we will continue seeing these topics.
Personally BT was working perfect with my Stages SB20 bike until 14 days ago, now I can’t control it but “might” get powerdata from it.
Everything still works perfect with my Neobike.

I think Zwift needs to acknowledge and accept that they have introduced a bug that only shows up on some hardware combinations and doesn’t affect others.

But what do I know, I’m not a programmer, just a paying customer :wink:


Hmm, seems like I do have a similar issue when I use the Wahoo app. Cadence is being recorded but not power. I’ll speak to Wahoo. Thanks for the tip!