Slow Cadence makes KickR nearly impossible to turn over.

So last night I during my FTP test after completing the 20 minute portion I slowed down for a few seconds and stopped pedaling… (I was dead after all…) When I tried to start pedaling again I could barely move the cranks. The brake on my KickR was too strong. I’ve never had this problem with my KickR while using trainerroad. Maybe something that can be looked into?

Do you have a cadence sensor?   For the first two months I used my Kickr on Zwift, I didn’t have a cadence sensor and I noticed that in ERG mode, the Kickr was forcing me into really low cadence levels.  Zwift would calculate my cadence at around 95 RPMs when the reality was that I was probably in the 60s or less and running out of gears lower gears to shift into because the resistance was so high.  That was taking a toll on my knees.  I purchased a Wahoo RPM cadence sensor and my experience has improved since I’ve started using it. 

I also noticed that on occasion, when there is a communication glitch between Zwift and the Kickr, the Kickr starts increasing the resistance.  The only way I’ve found to get it to stop is to close all Zwift apps (mobile too).

Thanks I wondered what it was when I was going downhill at 175W and finding it really hard in my inner ring :slight_smile: shall get a cadence sensor. Upside is a 1 hour ride at an average of 168W had me walking around on the ceiling :slight_smile:

I had a similar problem Sean when I was doing the FTP test.  I had finished the early ramps and was doing the higher wattage blow out before the test and let my cadence rest for just a second and that was the end.  I had to stand to try to get back on top of the gear and ended up doing about 2 minutes out of the saddle chuffing along at about 50-60 rpm at 110% FTP.  It was different once I got into the actual test (sim portion of the test).  I have the Wahoo RPM cadence sensor and it didn’t seem to matter.

Bit of a conundrum this one Marc, I shall dig around and see what I can find. Did an SST short tonight and at the cool down was really struggling to turn the pedals in the inner ring at very low wattage. Upside is hopefully it will make me super fit :grinning: