Returning Wahoo Kickr and Canceling Zwift

I applaud you all that get this system to work, but for me the cadence never connects and the kickr grinds down to a halt when I try to use Zwift. 

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Hi Kevin,

We’re sorry to hear that but…what cadence sensor are you using? I don’t see any tickets open so perhaps if you contact our support team we may be able to help:



I am using the Wahoo Cadence sensor, Viiiiva heart monitor and Zwift on iPad. The biggest issue is the Kickr grinding to a halt which it just did. 


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Have you calibrated the KICKR prior to using Zwift? When does the KICKR increase resistance? During an incline? Randomly?

I calibrated once, no change, still had problem. Calibrating again to double check. The increase in resistance seems random… playing closer attention now. The big disappointment is that I sold my manual trainer for this kickr, but now I don’t use Zwift or the kickr at all.