Question data is correct

I’ve wahoo kicker snap and i’m questioning my data numbers seems to me like they should be higher than what they show. I’m wondering about possible set issue or a to check if it’s a setting or set up issue or maybe I do really suck at zwift

Hi Bill,

What makes you think your power numbers are to low?

It seems to me to be much harder to maintain speed and wattage on zwift compared to what I can do out on the road granted I don’t have a power meter so I have no way to know what kind of watts I do out on the road.When I ride with people out side then ride on zwift with them I get my ass kicked.It almost seems like I have to work way to hard.I have talked to my friends about this and they seem to think that something it’s right weather it be a calibration issue or a setting that’s to high.

I’m wondering how to figure this out I spend a lot of time on zwift in the cold months but I don’t enjoy getting my ass kicked by people that I know I can beat when out on the road.I was also told by friends that my ftp should be higher than what it is on zwift.

Just looking for some solution to this issue

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This is a hard think to fix. Make sure your trainer is calibrated.

As a friend that has a powermeter on his bike to put it on your trainer and see what the difference is.

It is so hard to judge by feel.