Power meter or smart trainer?

I’m currently on zPower and it has prevented me from competing in certain races. I’m wondering what the best way to get off it is. I’m considering getting either a Favero Assioma Uno or a Wahoo Kickr Snap.

I know there are different advantages to each, could take the power meter outdoors, could get ERG mode with the smart trainer, but I’m wondering if one is better strictly from the competition perspective. Would either allow me to get validated power so I wouldn’t be kicked off most zwiftpower races?

I’ve seen a few races require both a power meter and a smart trainer…is this becoming the new norm or is this mostly just top pro type races?

Thanks for thoughts!

My personal view is if you get the Assioma you can use it indoor and outside, they are very accurate.

No this is not the norm, only the top racers will need to duel recording.

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I agree with Gerrie. Note, however, that any pedal or crank power meter is going to read just a little high, because you lose some power to the drive train. My Assiomas pretty consistently read 1% to 1.5% higher than my Kickr.

Also note that the Assioma Uno only measures left leg power and doubles it to get your total power. My Duos show that 54% - 58% of my power comes from my left leg, so, in my case, an Uno would read 8% to 16% too high! (Maybe I should switch to Uno mode for my next attempt at the Liftoff badge. :slight_smile:)

Freudian slip or just a typo? In any case, it made me laugh!


I’m glad I could make you laugh. :rofl: :rofl:



IMHO, you’ll be better off for Zwifting with a smart trainer. The Assioma’s will be more useful overall with the ability to use them outside as well as get you off Zpower. The inability to access ERG mode however really reduces the effectiveness of Zwifting because the workouts are what is going to make you faster everywhere. Virtual workouts can be much more focused than doing them outside with the ability to get cross-eyed and drooling without having to worry about cars and stuff. I know this to be a fact…


You don’t need ERG to do workouts, as long as you can switch gears and have enough resistance on the trainer you will be able to do any workout.

@Albert_Terry What trainer do you have.

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Thanks for the thoughts everyone. On the power meter side I’d really like to get the duo but the price is a bit out of reach for me. Would the uno still be enough to get me off zPower and not flagged by zwiftpower? If I had to guess which leg was stronger I’d pick my right…which I guess would mean I’d be undershooting myself a bit but I’m okay with that. A smart trainer is really appealing to me, seems more immersive, but I’d love to be able to take the power meter from bike to bike when the seasons change so the flexibility might be what I go for if the output is honored by Zwift.

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ my current setup is a LifeLine TT-01 with Garmin cadence and speed sensors. Zwift supports it but only at resistance 1 of 5 which tops out at about 230 watts at 90 RPM on my bike. I’m hoping I can get a bunch more resistance from the trainer and let the power meter figure it out.

Yes, it will.


This is why I was asking for the make of trainer. Have you tried the trainer at level 5, does it have enough resistance that you don’t spin out on top speed.

If you go the pedal route you can adjust the resistance knob and gears.

Yes a left only pedal will be good, the nice thing about the assioma’s is you can buy a right pedal later.

One other thing about the Uno: you won’t be able to do workout segments with single-leg pedaling drills. :slight_smile:

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While this is true, it’s extremely ineffective and inaccurate. Good luck “fiddling” with the gears in 30 seconds intervals while maintaining the correct power output for long enough. With appropriate cadence (if you train cadence as well).

Bottom line is that a smart trainer provides a superior experience.

My first 3 years on Zwift I did not have ERG and you get very good at judging the next interval and picking the correct gear.

I don’t disagree a good Smart trainer will give you more control and a better experience. But does that trainer cost less than $400?

It is a personal choice where you want to spend your money. Do you want real power numbers inside and outside or just a good experience outside.