Simple Dual Recording Setup Questions

Realize this is a bit of a newbie question but while I’ve read tons and tons about dual recording, analysis (and done some myself) I haven’t found a simple primer on best practices for dual recording setup.

Kinda like a basic quick start guide would be helpful!

Take my setup for example. I have a Quarq powermeter on bike and a KickrV5 smart trainer. While I’ve only done one ride where I used both, it caused me quite a headache when both rides uploaded to strava, also how/when to start and end rides and get files. Luckily I was able to troubleshoot and salvage it but I’d prefer a smoother setup.

Some basic questions,

-do you turn off auto-upload on your Wahoo to avoid duplicates or will Strava typically correct this?
-assuming you turn off GPS for all indoor rides?
-do you prefer your PM control zwift as the primary power source or your smarttrainer, if so how does this effect your setup?
-do you have your HRM paired with both Zwift and your Wahoo?
-when exactly do you press “Start ride” and “end ride” when doing both races and or workouts?

I’m sure I’m missing a bunch, but just figured I’d start here.

Hi, I have Tacx Neo and P2M powermeter, so the same situation for dual recording.
To answer your questions:

  • I have Zwift only connected to Strava, so no duplicates here. Using Jepster Android App for dual rec
  • yes, GPS off
  • I tried both Tacx’s and powermeter - using powermeter for power & cadence now (to have a comparison with outdoor rides) and Neo as controllable
  • yes, I record HR in both. Possible only if you have an ANT+ or dual HRM - Bluetooth is 1 to 1 connection!
  • I start Zwift, go threw the menu (route, bike, etc.) and when ready to go I press the Jepster start button. Some difference doesn’t matter, using Zwiftpower analysis - you can shift and crop your recordings there.

Ride on!

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I use an H3, PowerTap P1, Laptop with Ant+ dongle, Tickr HRM, and a Fenix3. The H3, Tickr, and laptop are used for Zwift. The P1s and F3 go to Garmin Connect. All are connected via Ant+. I primarily do this to compare power readings…(but not sure why…all I do is free ride and I do not race or do training programs. )

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If I wanted the quarq power to be my main source in zwift (but using my kickr still as controllable) how would I record both in that case? same ?

Depends on your setup.
Generally - BLE is 1 connection only (when a sensor is once paired with a device you cannot pair it with another one), ANT+ can be connected to more devices.

just as a heads up, for sanctioned races, riders have to connect the smart trainer as the primary power source and the alternate power meter as the secondary, doesn’t really matter outside of sanctioned races but may as well do what the pros do ;D

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ah makes sense!

long time zwift user trying to determine if the new KICKR is matching my assioma duo pedals.

Pretty sure my edge 520 zwift profile has gps turned off and the assiomas as the power source and the apple tv reads the power from the 2018 kickr…

download files to trainingpeaks and I am getting exact same numbers BUT training peaks shows left right power and the corresponding file from zwift does not.

However when I got to load both of the simulateous rides to zwift it declares that the second one being downloaded is a duplicate…

So confused, any help out there?

Thanks in advance.

gps off

you have to upload the secondary .fit file to zp manually so i don’t think auto upload is useful, not sure though as my indoor secondary unit is an old garmin 510 so i don’t really have a choice there. you can always get the .fit file off the unit with a cable though, whether it’s a wahoo or a garmin

hrm paired with both sources is not necessary but most people do it. personally i dont because i feel like less active ant/bt connections i have at once, the less problems i get. no idea if that’s true in practice though.

press start any time before the event. you can crop/offset the ride in ZP later if you like, it’s not necessary though

edit: sorry, i was replying to the OP and didn’t realise this was an old thread. i’ll leave it as it is though