Dual Recording Issues

Good day. I’m trying to make sure all is good with my indoor setup and am learning how to dual record so I can be in compliance with some of the races. Currently have my primary power as my Kickr Core with my Quarq or SRM as my secondary. When trying to create a data set to analyze I am exporting the power file from training peaks and it exports as a .fit.gz which Zwift Power doesn’t seem to like and is unable to analyze. When I compare my Kickr to TrainingPeaks data they are with 3-4% of each other.

Can someone give me a little direction on how to:

  1. Export file in a proper format
  2. Ensure that this method is compliant.

I made the same with Tacx Neo and P2M powermeter, difference max. 2%.
Used the original Zwift fit-file, second power source recorded with Jepster Android App. Jepster fit-files were always OK.

I use a slightly different setup as my 2nd meter is connected to my bike computer. I auto-sync the activity from the bike computer to Strava, and from there "download original " to my PC. That’s the file I use for dual recording on ZP. It’s a bit of a workaround tho. If no more useful answers pop up I could try and figure out the file extension I’m getting from Strava later.

I believe you get from Strava the same format you uploaded.

.fit.gz is just a compressed .fit file, unpack it and try that one with Zwiftpower.

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I think I got it all figured out. I had to use a file converter as my pc didn’t have the ability as it is locked up (work 'puter)…
Thanks to everyone who responded.

Thanks Milan for Jepster app cue. This is what I’m looking for. A simple app who deliver fit file. Stages flight app is a mess.

I was surprised when I found it - it gets all infos from my P2M powermeter, including left/right analysis and I had never problems with the files.
Can run in background with no issues.


I had the problem that when I downloaded the .fit from garmin connect, the powerdata is different then in the file from the edge itself. This only happens when I use a powermeter that allows to view balance or other cycling dynamics metrics.
Did anybody noticed the same issue so far?