Zwiftpower data and zwift not communicating


I have been racing for several years on zwift now.
Always racing with dual recording but for some reason zwift and zwiftpower are not in line with the power data.
My race stats on zwiftpower dont match if i upload my fit file seperate from the kickr v5 and my powertap pedals. In this case my entire powerprofile and the data from the results in races are not correct.

Does anybody know what to do about this?
Ill like my zwiftprofile were you for instance can see the results from yesterdays ZRL and in the anaylises you can find my fit files from the kickr and pedals.

Profile: ZwiftPower - Login

Make your Zwift Profile - Public to correct this. Private or Resticted profiles do not pull a .fit file (Blue bolt) on Zwiftpower


That ZRL race in ZP uses live data, not fit file. You need to make the activity public so ZP can use the fit file data.

For example, your ZRL race data on March 2nd (kiwi time) aligns with your Kickr v5 Analysis data as that activity is public.

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Oh wow,
Such a simpel solution. Thanks for the replies!
Don’t know why I only had it for followers.

Thanks again!

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