Want to create a fit.log -for dual recording

Hi guys,
sorry for bothering, but I try now since some days to create a dual recording file to compare Zwift data with my powermeter. I can do but only if I download direct from Zwift activity the fit.log and upload in ZP together with my Garmin fit.log. Then a friend of mine told me the way to do it direct in ZP. I went to activities but can find only data from 2021, it seems data are approx. One Year old.
How can I update the activity list that I’m able to have access to all files?
Best wishes Rainer

Have you changed the default for your Zwift activities to Private?

No, but then to update, yes and changed it again to public, if I took the correct button, but seems so, according the text came its now publuc.

I see at the bottom it says private data! So maybe thats the fault. But how can I change.

are you using a free ride around zwift or did you do a race?

Hi Rich, I want to make from Races the comparations.

Hi brother, all of your zwift activities should be under this tab

but if it is a race, go to the analysis tab > create new data set > use .fit file from activity > pick the race you want to create a DR for from the drop down list and that will automatically pull the power file from zwift, then you must manually upload the fit file from your secondary source under file 1 and Create data set. This is the only way to do it as far as I know, there is no automatic process

Hi Cestria, I already did this way, but have only one Year old data in activities, made 3 times upday but nothing happens. Maybe a bug or somthing else.

I’m not sure, but I’ll tag @S_ticky_KRT since he knows his way around zwiftpower better than most people. He might be able to help

as you can see in the graph latest activity is from 08-09-2021, no update activity 2 helps.

Thanks a lot!

If Update Activity List does nothing than the files are not Public

I’m really not sure at all about fit.logs but ever since Sept 2021 you have all green bolts in your ZP record.

See you have just had the Private profile message.

Ok. thankl you all, I suggest when I changed now to public, but only new activities will then be able to provided in activity list.?

Of course unless you change older ones to Public.

To learn more I messed about with this today.
While results still showed green bolts I changed ride CA Activity to private.
ZP system soon updated almost all racers to blue bolt.
Mine was still green and no activity info in ZwiftPower.
Changed CA Activity to Public.
Waited for system to update itself and bolt has turned blue and activity now shows in ZwiftPower.
You might need to request an update.

Link below from another similar thread.

Zwiftpower has a ‘hard reset’ button open to Admins to force it to pull a .fit file; I seem to recall if was only effective up to 2 weeks after the event.

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Hi Guys, thank you so much for all the comments, I found the reason, my profile was set to private in Companion app. That was done with an Zwift update in Sep. 21. LOL. So now it’s working.
Ride on.

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