.fit filese no longer being created since march


Since March my son’s Zwift rides are no longer creating a .fit file on zwift power. They are being created in the activities folder and I haven’t changed any setting to private or in fact any other updates - it is a machine only used for zwift - Zwift, Zwift power (and strava) are all public.

So what am I missing? Profile is 469161

He races in the zwift ladder and does not score points if there is no .fit file on ZP so help would be greatly appreciated.



The green lightning bolt next to the avg power typically indicates that the ride was saved as private… no fit file was received. Maybe because it’s a child account? @Oliver_ZRace_Central should know the details of that.

Thanks for tagging me. There was a settings change that made it so that all kids accounts and activities are private. Because of that, Zwift Power can’t get the data it needs in order to make a fit file. When you are saving your activity you can still save it as public which should solve this. Just tap the button that says private on the save ride screen. Once it’s been saved you can make it public though, so all past activities are suck as private.

Ah nightmare! I’ll try to remind him but he exits pretty quickly! Thanks both.

I always changed it in Zwift Companion after finishing the ride (event + cool down), had no problems. But it was last time 7 month ago and I have no child account!?!