Zwiftpower Dual recording data analysis

As racing on Zwift continues to look towards legitimacy and the future, there has been a strong push for transparency and verification of the riders. While this cannot address some of the topics such as IRL doping and some might not understand the reasoning for this, it has become a great tool to keep Zwifters honest and their equipment properly calibrated. I would encourage anyone to check out the “Dual Recording Data Analysis” on Zwift power.

That is a great tool for the elite that own more than one power source. Or if they do own two they need to be mounted so that both can be used at the same time. So someone with a hub based power meter cant use a direct drive trainer.

Don’t get me wrong it is important to calibrate and regulate the top 2% of riders on Zwift. But it feel like a lot of effort is going into the top 2% when the bulk of the racers just want a “racing” experience and have fun getting stronger.

Zwift power is doing a awesome job, with all the tools and ranking and stats.

We need some filter before the race start.

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I wouldn’t say having multiple power meters is for the elite. I would say having a crank or pedal based power is pretty common for competitive cyclists. I think I’ve had power on my bike since 2009, but it wasn’t until last year that I bought a smart, direct drive trainer.

Anyway, I record my Quarq with my Garmin and Hammer with Zwift. Download the original .fit files from Garmin Connect, upload them to Zwiftpower. I usually have to “time shift” the file from Zwift back 3-5 seconds, and crop the files so they start and finish at the same time, since Zwift typically starts recording after the start of the race. Thankfully ZP makes this extremely easy to do!

While I think it is important for those at the top, especially with Zwift now putting cash on the line, I think it’s also good for the average rider to know their effort is real as well.

Either way, I agree that Zwift, and cycling should always be kept fun! It’s easy to forget to have fun when things get “serious”.

I have multiple dual recordings but am struggling to allign my data correctly as i dont quiet understand the time shift and crop…tbh dont know what and where to fill in the numbers.

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