Zwift dual recording tool

I’ve recently started using the zwift dual recording analysis tool. When I uploaded workouts using the trainer and, data from my bike computer (power metre recording). Its uploaded with no problem. When I’ve uploaded a free ride on zwift or with a pace partner, following the same steps the data off my bike computer transferred onto the computer fails to upload. Is their something I’m doing wrong or is the issue that the tool won’t work on free rides?Thanks in advance for any input

is this zwiftpower dual analysis tool that you are using?

Yes it is.

The ZwiftPower analysis I think you are looking at, on your Profile page, only records Races and Group Rides and Group Workouts which (I think) you have signed up to. Free riding, pace partners etc don’t get recorded here.

However when you are on your Profile page you may see a tab which says Activities. Click on this and I think you see a list of all your Zwift activity.

Say you have done a 60 minute group ride and at the end of it ride on for an extra 20 minutes the Profile page results will show you the 60 minute results and analysis and the Activities tab will show you, in less detail, the 80 minute analysis.

Edit - Ben looking at the reply below I now think I was not answering the question you asked, please ignore this reply.

The tool works for free rides/Pace Partner rides.