I can´t see my workout in the ZwiftPower app … Why ? . anybody that has an idea about it …

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Was your workout a group workout or is it one you did on your own. ZwiftPower only records, on your profile page, group activities such as Races, Group/Club rides, Group Workouts - the sort of events you have to sign up to and start at a specified time. It does not record individual free rides, workouts alone, RoboPacer rides.

However when looking at your Profile page if you then select the ‘Activities’ tab you should see all your ride activity, >2km, shown

Hello Ian .
It Was a traning program Grand Fondo .

A training plan you do on your own at any time you choose. As such not recorded on your ZP Profile page but you will find it on your ZP Activities page.

You should probably link your account to one of the 3rd party sites like Strava, Garmin Connect, or TrainingPeaks.

For a lot of in-depth analysis you can link Zwift to a free Strava account and then link the Strava account to

To analyze rides you have already completed, you can download the FIT files from Zwift and upload them manually to or any of the other apps I mentioned. Here’s how to find the FIT files:

Hello paul… i found it !! Thanks !!