Power Meter for dual recording

Not sure if this is in the works but I’d love to know if it’s a feature that’ll be out soon.

I’d like to be able to connect two power meters to Zwift one as the controller just like normal and the other as secondary for dual Recording which can’t be used it’s simply supplying data only so both fit files are there in game.

This means Zwift will no longer need to request secondary files and makes it easier on the riders having to muck around with sending it in as well.

It also means after a ride you can instantly see dual
Recording data if another screen option was added at the same time.

A simple dual record tick box on the pairing screen opens up a secondary search screen once the controllable is connected.

It could also help with dropouts. If one device disconnects the other could shift to primary, which has a benefit to non-racers as well.


Or one connection via BT & one via Ant+ to ensure it’s harder to lose connection as you say for anyone using the platform.

Sadly if you have an ANT+ dropout is usually the full ANT+ signal. At least in my setup. Maybe as Kevin suggest, 1 by BT and another by ANT+ could minimize the risks.

Yes. Great idea. It will help a lot

After the recent eDoping scandal I think this is an extremely valid request.

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