Favero Assioma Duo and Zwift - looking for BKM

I got Favero Assioma Duo power pedals, and looking for the best known method (BKM) how to upload all ANT+ metrics from left and right pedals to online depositories (such as Training Peaks).

I can connect Assioma to Zwift as a power source, but Zwift would not save Left / Right power and other pedaling metrics in .fit files. In my experience, unless I missed something, it only saves the average power.

I can connect my trainer to Zwift as usual and can simultaneously connect pedals to my bike computer (Wahoo Roam). Wahoo headunit can upload .fit files independently of Zwift. This works, but I end up getting two .fit files from one ride. One has only L/R power (and cadence) and nothing else, the second one has everything but L/R power. There is an online (subscription) tool for merging data from two fit files, but it seems to be a fair amount of work every time. I can work with these dual .fit files in WKO5, but it is weird to have each workout duplicated in the data set… and it might mess up with my training load numbers…

I wonder if someone from this community came up with a better solution.

If you ask me why do I care about power from the pedals if I have power meter in my trainer, I am working on my pedaling efficiency, writing my own custom workouts, and do them on my trainer. As a part of it, I analyze pedaling metrics and also watch the values of some of these parameters on the bike computer screen while riding on the trainer and making adjustment to pedaling. Cannot do it on the road - one has to look at the road, not at numbers on the computer screen.

I purchased a Garmin 1030 because of Cycling dynamics. Garmin Connect, free to owner’s of Garmin gear (AFAIK), displays every metric the FA pedals provide. Golden Cheetah can connect via ANT+ but not sure about pedal data. Might be worth looking into.

Thank you, David. I can graph the key L/R power parameters in WKO5 (power released and absorbed by each leg, power balance, smoothness parameter, efficiency) after they are captured by my Wahoo unit, but several Garmin specific parameters (notably power phase parameters) indeed require a Garmin unit to capture and transmit.

As a matter of fact, one does not even need a designated bike computer to see the basic ANT+ pedaling parameters - e.g., a free Android program Jepster (which emulates bike computer) can pair with Assioma Duo and can show on the phone screen L/R balance and L/R pedaling efficiency and L/R smoothness… and even can upload these data to online depository. But it does not show the full Garmin Cycling Dynamics, either.

David, I wonder, do you use power phase angles graph on Garmin cycling dynamics? Those arcs of the circle which show where you start applying torque and where it reaches maximum? This is, essentially, the only parameter which one cannot get from Assioma without Garmin Edge. What did you learn from it, did it help you to improve your pedaling stroke? Is this chart only worth $300+?


I am a serious mountain hiker who ended up becoming a dedicated indoor cyclists while trying to prevent a knee replacement. The great news is that Zwfiting really has made a huge improvement it the condition of my knee. Being able to quantify the improving strength of my knee is why I wanted the FA pedals and was willing to spend the money to purchase the Garmin bike computer last December.

I review the Cycling dynamics stats after every ride. In addition, one can create a separate page on Garmin head unit that displays all the detailed live Cycling dynamic data including the power phase graphs. The other option is to include some of the Cycling Dynamics with other user defined important metrics. I have both kind of pages on my 1030. How do I use the live data? On days where I feel imbalanced L/R or on long climbs up ADZ or Epic Kom where I am grinding I will pay close attention.

One of the reasons I occasionally think about hiring a coach is to review the Cycling dynamics data that I have collected. I believe a trained person, perhaps even a bike fitter, could look at my data and prescribe some exercises to help me get the power phase of my injured leg more like the other.

I would gladly spend the money on the FA pedals and the Garmin 1030 again. I managed to purchase them both during holiday specials and given the total investment I have in Zwift they seem almost de minimus. Avoiding a second joint replacement, I already have a hip, makes it all worth every cent.

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