Left / Right separate data for Assioma Power Meter pedals

Today I started a training session with my new Assioma pedals, because of my knee arthrosis I want to focus my training on my weak right knee to power it up. I have connected the pedals to Zwift hoping that the values of both pedals will be shown within the app. But - I‘m actually in the test mode for a week - I can‘t find the different values for each pedals to evaluate the possible power differences between left and right leg.
What‘s to do to get the values shown on the Zwift dashboard?

Would be great if there is a possibility to get these valuable information.

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Hi @Bewer_Jotka

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No there’s no such option. Best is to record with your cycling computer.

You need a Garmin computer to get Cycling Dynamics from the FA pedals. Here is an article about it.

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Thanks a lot. It‘s a mess because the only way should be via an additional bike computer.


The free ware cycling software Golden Cheetah allows one to hook up power meters. A brief search showed someone assisting in how to configure GC with FA duo pedals. If you are geeky this may be a solution for you. GC is pretty comprehensive software but not real user friendly.

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Thanks David. I‘m gonna try it. Would be probably a solution for my „problem“.