Power analysis left/right?

Hi all,
I know I can’t see in Zwift how balanced/unbalanced my legs are to each other.

Anybody any idea how/what webtool I could use for that?
Am looking for a power meter and would go for a left arm if the legs are fairly similarly strong.

Merry Xmas :christmas_tree:

To find out you will have to use some kind of equipment that can record the difference. The data has to exist before you can analyze it. What sort of trainer are you using?

My Tacx Neo 2T turbo trainer will send left/right power data to my Garmin edge head unit if I use them together. I did this once and my balance was 49/51 so haven’t worried about it since :joy: Pretty sure most double sided power meters and higher end turbos will do the same with most head units.

Although after GP Lama mentioned in one of his YouTube videos that you only need to worry about left/right balance if you’re a pro I only bought the single sided Favero Assioma Uno pedals for riding outside.

Is there a particular reason why you’re interested in L/R balance?

Hi Kev, working with a physio and she said my right leg is much stronger, so was just curious how much…

You’d need a dual sided power meter to measure the difference

Hi Martin, I appreciate that but I would assume my elite smart trainer does that so the data must be available/hidden somewhere?

I’ve had 2 elite trainers and neither has given that info, if you think about it the only place you can actually measure it is at the pedals/cranks



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You could try the Garmin pedals as well.

I’m in your position with one leg much weaker than the other one.