Power issues

Hi all.
Was just wondering about this. I recently went on a “ride” up alpe d’huez with some friends. Both ride smart trainers tax and Wahoo I believe. I ride 4iiii left sided power meter calibrated or zero offset before each ride. All three of us are fairly evenly matched riders outside with one being quite a bit slower on the hills.
Long story short both just blew me out of he water up that climb. I checked their power and at points they are holding between 250 to 300 watts.I struggle with anything over 220 for long periods.
I’m not sure what to make of this but it does make me question the accuracy of my power meter and the Smart Trainers as well as Zwift it’s self.

Sngle side power meters can be very misleading if you have a left/right imbalance. I had a left crank Stages power meter that read about 10% higher than my Kickr. Then I got a pair of Favero Assioma pedals, and I found out why. My left/right balance is typically 54%/46% to 58%/42%. Since my Stages power meter doubled my left side output, it read 8% to 16% too high.

Maybe your right leg is stronger.


There are also huge differences in accuracy of smart trainers.

Who was riding what? I bet there’s a wheel on/direct drive issue.