Favero Assioma Duo report on Strava

I use Favero Assioma Duo with Zwift and syn data to Strava.
When I look at the activity in Strava, I only see one line of Power report.
Shouldn’t it show both L and R Power report?
I use ANT+ connection to Zwift on Windows.
Did I configure it wrong?

No, neither Zwift nor Strava will show both L and R power. If you want to see the L and R power separately, you will need to use a different app. Maybe the Assioma app? Other possibilities: Garmin Connect, Golden Cheetah, Training Peaks ??

I have those same pedals, and the only place I’ve been able to see both L/R data is in the Garmin Connect program. If you find something else, let me know.