L/R Power meters and Bluetooth

(j.m.j.f.) #1

On Bluetooth, Favero Assioma Duo appears as two power meters in Zwift (L/R are separate), so the app only receives half the power data. At the same time, Zwift on Windows with an ANT+ dongle, TrainerRoad on a Galaxy S4 (built in ANT+) and Wahoo Element Bolt (ANT+) all report full power. Not entirely surprising because many L/R power meters report L/R separately over Bluetooth.

Seems to be the same problem as https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115019272943-Dual-pedal-power-meter-bluetooth-on-iOS-halves-power, which affects Favero, PowerTap and Watteam power meters on iOS.

Simultaneous might be another issue. I was able to login to Zwift on PC and Zwift on Android at the same time. That suggests I could record two rides at once–or someone (maybe several someones) could use the same account at the same time. – But fix the power meter thing first so I can test on the phone (discard ride) while running full power on the PC (save ride).

(Vincent W.) #2

Yeah the Favero issue is something we’re aware of. No ETA yet but we’ll follow up as soon as we receive new information! 

As for signing on simultaneously, it is a possibility as you’ve experienced but the last ride you save overwrites the first one. So be careful, as only one session will save! 

(Paul Fitzpatrick) #3

Hi, which is likely to happen first on the Android App


  1. You fix the left/right BT issue to show full power 


  1. You make use of native Ant+ in the Android phone and therefore BT is not needed and the half power problem is at least mitigated in the short term

I have waited ages for an Android version, but with my Favero Assioma Uno I am still waiting for one of the above to happen. 

Will this happen with a Stages Left only crank too - when transmitting to the app on via BT?




(j.m.j.f.) #4

I’d suggest…

* Only Samsung, older Sony and a smattering of other, mostly old, Android phones have built in ANT+.
* All modern Android phones capable of running Zwift include Bluetooth.
* Apple phones also seem to have this issue based on link in above and don’t have built in ANT+.

Therefore, solving for BT covers the broadest audience. But who knows how that plays out from a development perspective.

(Paul Fitzpatrick) #5

Thanks for that - however as this BT issue has been know for over a year, long before the Android App was available it would appear Zwift have already decided it is not something they need to fix any time soon - even for all those iPhone users they have had for ages.