L/R Power meters and Bluetooth

On Bluetooth, Favero Assioma Duo appears as two power meters in Zwift (L/R are separate), so the app only receives half the power data. At the same time, Zwift on Windows with an ANT+ dongle, TrainerRoad on a Galaxy S4 (built in ANT+) and Wahoo Element Bolt (ANT+) all report full power. Not entirely surprising because many L/R power meters report L/R separately over Bluetooth.

Seems to be the same problem as https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115019272943-Dual-pedal-power-meter-bluetooth-on-iOS-halves-power, which affects Favero, PowerTap and Watteam power meters on iOS.

Simultaneous might be another issue. I was able to login to Zwift on PC and Zwift on Android at the same time. That suggests I could record two rides at once–or someone (maybe several someones) could use the same account at the same time. – But fix the power meter thing first so I can test on the phone (discard ride) while running full power on the PC (save ride).

Yeah the Favero issue is something we’re aware of. No ETA yet but we’ll follow up as soon as we receive new information! 

As for signing on simultaneously, it is a possibility as you’ve experienced but the last ride you save overwrites the first one. So be careful, as only one session will save! 

Hi, which is likely to happen first on the Android App


  1. You fix the left/right BT issue to show full power 


  1. You make use of native Ant+ in the Android phone and therefore BT is not needed and the half power problem is at least mitigated in the short term

I have waited ages for an Android version, but with my Favero Assioma Uno I am still waiting for one of the above to happen. 

Will this happen with a Stages Left only crank too - when transmitting to the app on via BT?




I’d suggest…

* Only Samsung, older Sony and a smattering of other, mostly old, Android phones have built in ANT+.
* All modern Android phones capable of running Zwift include Bluetooth.
* Apple phones also seem to have this issue based on link in above and don’t have built in ANT+.

Therefore, solving for BT covers the broadest audience. But who knows how that plays out from a development perspective.

Thanks for that - however as this BT issue has been know for over a year, long before the Android App was available it would appear Zwift have already decided it is not something they need to fix any time soon - even for all those iPhone users they have had for ages.