Dual pedal power meter & bluetooth on iOS halves power

I would like to use my iPad together with my dual sided pedal power meter.  Using bluetooth it sees each of the pedals individually and I can only pair one.  If I pair one, then my power is halved.

Using my laptop and ANT+, there is no problem.

Are there plans on Zwift’s side to support BLE dual power meter on mobile?


Hi Tim,

What pedal-based power meter are you using? We need to do this individually for each different power meter (brand and model) as they show up as a unique power source.

Hi Eric,

These are https://cycling.favero.com/assioma duo.


Let me know if I can help thru testing or providing information on the pedals.


Hi Tim,

Perfect. We’ve had a few requests for these already and our dev team is working on it :slight_smile:

Wonderful news.  Thank you!



Is there a way to sign up to receive news when this has been fixed?  I just started my free trial and am also only getting half the watts from my DUO pedals. Thanks. 

Same problem here with the Favero Assioma Duo. Waiting for the fix. Thanks.

Seems to be what is happening with my Watteam Powerbeat G2.

Same problem with my Assioma duo setup. Looking forward to the fix.

Also seems to be happening on Watteam Powerbeat G2 dual. PowerBeat is supposed to broadcast the total power already through the single channel signal from the right comp unit but it is still showing up as half in Zwift. The single channel total power works on other iOS training apps though like Wahoo’s. Is this something that needs to be addressed on Zwift or with Watteam?

This can be addressed by switching to legacy mode in the Powerbeat app. Doesn’t give you left/right but will give you the correct power.

There  is no “legacy mode” in the current version of the PowerBeat app, both on Android and iOS. There is a toggle for 3rd party applications under single channel BLE. Would that be it? Although having tried that, it also doesn’t work.

That’s what works for me

I’m having this same problem with my powerbeat. Jet Pacapac - did you get it to work with the 3rd party applications under single channel BLE?

Is this what you are doing?

 powerbeat app->pair powerbeat with your head unit->Bluetooth smart->Advanced->toggle on?

I haven’t been able to get this to work either. Any ideas? Help?

Also - The powerbeat manual says to unplug your left powermeter, then pair it to your head unit through Bluetooth, then plug the left in and it should double it automatically. This didn’t work for me. 

Same Favero Assioma Duo Pedal Powermeter issue for me. Would like to use them on Zwift´s iPad App and bluetooth. But they show up as 2 Power sources, so I can’t . Would be great if Zwift support would quickly address that issue. I opened a ticket for that also.

Jet, Ryan and Brett:

I’m having the same issue as you guys with the Poewrbeat G2 Duo. I opened a support ticket and got this response:


"Thanks for reporting this! It sounds like this is a model we haven’t had hands-on time with yet.

Two-sided power pedals work by transmitting the power of each foot, but Zwift can only pair with one power source, so similar dual-sided power pedals from other brands have had their values artificially doubled in Zwift. This doubling process is a design change that has to be done on our end, and we haven’t received any request for it until now, which is why yours are reading at half power.

I’ve created a request for this brand/model to be doubled in Zwift, and you can watch the known issue post I created for further updates."


Maybe if you guys also open support tickets, they will elevate the priority. Meanwhile, has anyone found a reliable workaround?



Favero Assioma Uno has the same problem…

Same issue here , powertap p1 pedals , I can use left or right only

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Same here … newbie to Zwift, but I use the Assioma Duo pedals.  Thanks - hopefully these get integrated soon!