Using Dual Pedal Power Meters - only showing 50% of Power on Zwift

I use the Faveros also dual pedals First Zwift Session today when it asked to synch i had to options for my pedals Assuming one was left and one was right and my power compared to my Garmin which uses both pedals was 50% so the zwift system was only reading 50% of my power. When I use my garmin head unit my power is 100% accurate ie it reads the sum of left and right. Can someone help with this issue please? thanks in advance Andre Obradovic

Looks like this is a known issue …go to “cycling known issues” in Zwift support… Dual Pedals only Transmit Half Power

Issue Summary

Watteam POWERBEAT Dual pedals will only transmit half power in Zwift. The two-sided power pedals work by transmitting the power of each foot, but Zwift can only pair with one power source—so dual-sided power pedals need their values artificially doubled in Zwift. This doubling process is a design change that has to be done on our end.


Until this change is made, these pedals won’t be compatible with Zwift. We’re exploring the feasibility of doubling the power now, and we’ll update this post and our [hardware page] as more info becomes available.

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Ride On.

-The Team at Zwift

… No date as to when this was posted, no plans in pipeline? Would be nice to know from Zwift.

These aren’t the same power meter pedals in the original post, which was talking about the Favero pedals.