Powertap P2 displays half power

I have previously (around 2018) used the Powertap P1 pedals without issues with Zwift. I wanted to give Zwift another shot, and I have since changed to the P2 pedals. What I now found is that Zwift displays half the power. I have tried connecting it both through the Android companion app and through my PC (both BlueTooth), and I’ve tried removing the battery from the right side pedal to ensure that the left pedal switches to “single side mode”. None of this is working.

I have read some issues on similar problems but none seem to come to any real conclusions. As mentioned, this worked fine before with the P1 pedals.

My Wahoo head unit shows the left side pedal readings doubled, so why shouldn’t Zwift?

Earlier with my P1 pedals, I connected through the Companion app, but on a different phone which had built-in ANT+, could this be the issue (although I always assumed it connected through BlueTooth regardless). My current phone doesn’t have built-in ANT+.

It seems like this should be a fairly simple fix as Zwift actually recieves the pedal readings.

I could get an ANT+ dongle, but only if I know it will actually help, since it is after all around 50 bucks, and Zwift could have this fixed in an update tomorrow, as it is an issue that a programmer should probably be able to solve during less than a coffee break.

was there a fix for this? I coach an athlete with the same issue?

The fix was getting an ANT+ USB-dongle. To be honest I’m not sure whether it shows double left or actual two-sided power now (I’m guessing it’s the latter), but at least it’s not half anymore!

Thanks yes that’s the next step, tried taking out the right side battery but that didn’t work either.