Zwift power reads about 10% higher than Wahoo Bolt

Here is my setup:

Power source: PowerTap P1 pedals connected via ANT+
Wahoo Bolt head unit (displaying 3s power average)
2018 MacBook pro with ANT+ dongle
Displaying 3s avg power in Zwift

I connect to the head unit to access avg watts, laps, NP, IF, and partially to have a second power reading. With this setup, Zwift normally reads 10% higher than the Bolt. I have triple checked that both pedals are connected to Zwift and made sure I’m not seeing a single side readout. I rode a steady state effort for ~90 mins this morning. Zwift read 198 while the Bolt recorded a 179 watt average. Scratching my head here to figure out where the discrepancy is coming from since the pedals should be broadcasting the same readout to both devices.

I can provide both workout files if that helps.

Hey @i_van can you send us a support conversation with your log files on Zwift and those workout files?

Support Conversation:
How to find log files:

You wouldn’t by chance have the Bolt connected to your trainer instead of the P1s? I did that once, Garmin to Kick and Zwift to P2M and was left scratching my head as well.

If that’s not the case, then perhaps try a single side connection and comparison to see if you still see the same discrepancy.

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Yep made 100% sure that wasn’t the case. Never paired the trainer with the Bolt, only the P1s.