Zwift shows higher power than wahoo elmnt

Hi All,
I use powertap p1 Pedals as powermeter. If I link it with ZWIFT and also with WAHOO ELMNT Roam, Zwift shows up to 20 Watts more than WAHOO. So: Same source, but while WAHOO shows 180 Watts, ZWIFT shows 200 WATTs.
Crank length is set correctly in the WAHOO.
Any idea what could be the reason?

Because it is the same pedals that are sending the power information to each device, and the devices (Zwift and Wahoo) are only displaying the information they receive, my best guess is that there is different averaging set on each one (instant vs 3 second, or 3 second vs 10 second, for example). Have you tried doing a workout in Erg mode to see if this stabilizes the power between the two devices, as you put out the same power for an extended time?

Load both files to Zwiftpower dual recording an look at the difference there.

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Yes, when I do an ERG workout and when i have to push several minutes lets say 200 Watts, then ZWIFT shows 200 (with the typical up and down on short scale) and the WAHOO shows 180. Both are set on averaging 3 seconds the power. On WAHOO I can adjust the crank legth, so he corrects the momentum and pedaling frequency at least with the length (170mm) which is a reasonable correction.

At the end I could live with it, but perhaps there is some adjustment which I missed to do and that shows same values on both devices.

Thank you, I did not know this but found it now. I will check this. :+1:

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