Generic 2x power setting for powermeters that read 1/2


I have a Watteam Powerbeat Single. It only shows half power. I understand that this is an issue that is currently being worked on and it is an issue that your team has to address with several different brands of power meters. I have a suggestion. Why not allow a user to double the power via a setting? This would address all of the 1/2 power readings. Less coding for your team, more happy Zwifters.

Thank you,

Alex C.

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Mmmm, could be creating more problems than it solves i.e. more opportunities for people to cheat.

BTW no problems with my 4iiii left hand side only power meter.

True, some people will cheat but that is on them. They are only cheating themselves.  Zwift could add a race disqualifier clause for the people who have enabled the double power .Another possibility is the coders add a subroutine that accesses a flat file or db for certain power meters and doubles their number. Many ways to do it.  I have a 4iii on one bike, it is fine. I have a PowerBeat on another bike, it is 1/2 power. I have a Favero Assiomo on another bike, it reads half. I have a Power Tap, it reads fine. So half of my  devices work properly. I’m lucky because I have choices, others do not and will be stuck waiting until a patch comes along.