Full 2-Sided Pedal Power meter support (not doubling)

why zwift is not support 2pedal powermeter? it will be good improvement!

Hi Dmitry,

Do you mean the Garmin Vector 2 power meter? We do support that.

As an example:   Polar look keo power bluetooth smart - only one side support. 

Hi there,

That should automatically double in Zwift (as it sends two, distinct signals rather than one). Is it only showing 1/2 the power you’re generating?

Power automatically double in Zwift with one side, the work is correct.    But for example, many bike computers work with two pedals at the same time.


Okay, so it works as intended currently. I thought this was a bug.

I’ll bring it up as a request.

I just installed the Look power pedals, Zwift will only take one input at a time in blue tooth.  I selected the one creating wattage, and it did not double the power.  I found an article that ant+ will fix problem, have ordered dongle.

I’m having the same problem with Powerbeat (dual sided) powermeter. Zwift recognizes both sides, but I can only choose one, and then it doesn’t double my watts. I’d rather not have to buy more equipment when this should work. Please help? Any ideas?

Those of you having problems with Watteam Powerbeats, are they G1 or G2? I have G2, dual-sided and use ANT+ (ANT+ lets you connect to multiple devices at once so I can parallel monitor my performance on my Edge 520, TrainerRoad, etc.).

Mine work perfectly with Zwift.

This is directly from the PowerBeat G2 manual:

Note: Each Left/Right Comp Unit operates independently, the LEDs on each Comp Unit will not always be in sync. This may affect the operation. The Right comp unit is always the Master for ANT+ and single channel BLE communications. This means that it relays the Left sensor measurements to the head unit. If you use ANT+ or single channel BLE and your Right Comp Unit is in the wr

So, if your PowerBeats are G2 and you have them set to ANT+ or single-channel BLE, you should not have an issue with using it with Zwift.