Power too high


I’m using Powerbeat G3 dual (left and right) powermeter and I’m getting power readings on Zwift much higher than expected (I’m guessing the double than expected). When I use the same setup on other training apps the power readings are ok.

There is some configuration on Zwift that I am missing? Strangely, the problem I see most people reporting with dual side powermeters are too low power readings. Exactly the opposite than I’m experiencing.

Hope to get this sorted or I will end my trial period without being able to use this properly.

Thank you.

Hi Eduardo!

We’re currently aware of an issue where the Watteam POWERBEAT Dual pedals will only transmit half power in Zwift.

Two-sided power pedals work by transmitting the power of each foot, but Zwift can only pair with one power source, so dual-sided power pedals need their values artificially doubled in Zwift. This doubling process is a design change that has to be done on our end.

Until this change this is made, these pedals won’t be compatible with Zwift. We’re exploring the feasibility of doubling the power now, and we will update this post and our hardware page with changes.

Hope this helps!


Despite I have reported this error, I have tried zwift again shortly after and I found that my power readings are ok. I have noticed that zwift only pairs with one pedal if I setup the power meter to communicate via Bluetooth dual channel. On this case, I get to choose 2 power meters when pairing, one for each side. I guess it’s like I’m using a single sided power meter and this, to keep me active during winter is enough for me.

So, the problem seems to be gone. Best regards and thank you for your attention.