Powertap P2 dual sided BLE connection?

Hi all, I suspect that this is a much discussed topic and I apologise fully in advance if all it inspires is rolling eyes.

I have a dual sided power meter (Powertap P2 pedals) which I fear due to the company’s recent history, will not be recieving significant legacy updates to their firmware in the future. Favero have been ahead of the curve with this providing a firmware update enabling a single BLE connection for both pedals.

The Powertap P2s have mostly worked well through an Ant+ connection, but recently they have failed me by dropping power on several important (to me at least) races. I understand that Ant+ is not the most reliable of signals and despite having the dongle plugged into an extension lead positioned as close as I dare to the pedals, they still seem to lose signal every so often.

Is there anyone out there who has successfully connected to Zwfit with these pedals via Bluetooth, or indeed has anyone had a better experience with the Ant+ signal.
Zwift seems unable to combine the pedals through BLE and both L&R appear on the connection page seperately meaning that essentially you get only one sided power if you connect to either using this protocol.

Any help with improving the consistency of the connection to the pedals would be much appreciated.

I’ve just bought the same pedals and my ANT signal kept dropping out so I tried connecting with BLE and had the same problem. Did you find a solution?

Hi Leon, the short answer is no, there is no additional support provided by the manufacturers for the dual version of this powermeter to work with zwift. Zwift seems very disinterested in providing any support and my thoughts are, why would they? 90% of zwift users are either using high end trainers already or they have fully Bluetooth enabled powermeters. The only workaround that has worked for me is to buy expensive lithium batteries which seem to drop out a lot less when connecting over ant+. I’m not entirely sure why they have this effect but the manual does suggest that it is safer to use lithium batteries as they are less likely to leak etc. We’re talking £2 per batter here which is a nuisance.

My advice would be to flog the P2 pedals and get hold of some Favero Assomia duos as the other dual options on the market are silly money.
There are these “Bluetooth bridge” devices which allow multiple Bluetooth devices to connect to them which I have heard do work with zwift, but they’re not cheap and it sounds like hassle.

Every cloud has a silver lining though…They are excellent on the road and pretty robust (despite being hideous and heavy). I’ve put many thousands of miles on mine without too many issues .

Best of luck